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Easy Life TVC

Easy Life TVC has been chosen as the best TVC of Jan amongst 96 TVCs by Media Archive website, one of the most famous online database of Iran, which has been broadcasted since Jan-17 in IRIB, TVCs.
Every month Media Achieve choose one the active experts in the advertising field, as a judge and they will chose the best TV and Radio Commercials. The Jan judge was Mr. Ali Sartipi, the chairman of Agahsazan Ad Agency. He was the producer of the famous movies like No men allowed, Mouse city, Dracula and etc. Here you could find his interpretation on choosing Easy Life TVC:

Considering the cultural and advertising limitations, discussing about some topics is very difficult, in this TVC, the message has been delivered very respectfully and effectively to the audiences. The most challenging part was to convert a serious message to the audiences which avoid them to disgrace the content. Although the advertisement was not complex by itself, was successfully engaged the audiences.

We can have a quick introduction about his activities as below:
1. Chairman of Agah Sazan Advertising Agency. 
2. CEO of Filmiran International Organization
3. President of Sinamaye Iran Distribution Association
4. Member of Sinamaye Iran's central council producers 
Pardis Cinema manager and Kourosh Cinema advertising manage