Life is precious

Lifeis precious

We work every day to create high-quality products that improve people’s lives.

We take leadership at Zarrin Group seriously. It’s our opportunity and responsibility to improve the lives of our consumers and employees, as well as serve the communities in which we live and work.

My Baby

My BabyLove you so much

MyBaby is founded on “passion” and it aims to “Care” for the children of Iran. This well-known and celebrated brand is our first achievement in Zarrin Group®. The design and manufacturing of the products started in 2001 and is progressing day by day as we built on our experience and research. In 2018, our experts succeeded in manufacturing baby diapers with ventilating outer layers with a unique permeable quality. Today, our diapers come in different designs and are manufactured with high-tech machinery and advanced technologies.

My Lady

My LadyFor the women of this land

Since 2001, MyLady™ has come to accompany Iranian women, helping them to enhance their quality of life, especially in their period. During these years of advancement and innovation, MyLady™ has become a renowned and top-notch brand with a wide range of products for women. They can be classified into these major categories: Classic feminine pads (flat and thick), Maxi Pads (threefold, semi-thick). They come in a variety of sizes, forms and packaging.

Easy Life

Easy LifeWe live together

Urinary Incontinence (UI) is a common condition among adults and even in lower ages. EasyLife™ provides these people with the opportunity to live a more comfortable, independent and active life. Our experts work effortlessly to find new solutions and to enhance the quality of adult diapers so that the users can keep their desired position in society despite their condition. We hope all the people who suffer from UI can keep their effective relationship with their families, friends and their communities.


CoCoMiSmall Economy, for Baby's Health

In Zarrin Group, we commit ourselves to consider all the people from all walks of life and meeting the sanitary needs of all our population. Therefore, in 2018, we created CoCoMi™ as an economy brand and made it available to the public. Enhancing the quality of packaging, CoCoMi™ launched a new product in 2019. CoCoMi diapers come in normal (size 1 to 5) and economy packages (size 3, 4 and 5)

Good Mood

Good MoodChoosing a GOOD MOOD

Access to a high quality and value for money menstrual pad always was girls’ concern. Zarrin Group launched Good Mood menstruation pads with high absorption and high-quality materials to address this need of the girls. Good Mood aims to make the user’s Mood Good with sympathy and care.

Iran Logistics

We are part of a big golden family of people working together to bring value to life. Compassion and care, growth and learning, self-love and kindness, self-respect and self-esteem are our intellectual and moral foundations and hold our family bond together. It is our commitment to always strive to provide the best in quality. Because life is valuable.

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Iran society

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